The 2019 Forbes list of billionaires included over 2000 billionaires from across the globe. Of that large list, not a lot is known about the physical characteristics of their bodies. However, if we take the top ten richest people in the world and line them up by height it goes as follows:

1. Larry Ellison of the United States: 6′ 3″

2. Bernard Arnault of France: 6′ 1″

3. Larry Page of the United States: 5′ 11″

4. Bill Gates of the United States: 5′ 10″

5. Warren Buffet of the United States: 5′ 10″

6. Carlos Slim of Mexico: 5′ 8″

7. Amancio Ortega of Spain: 5′ 8″

8. Michael Bloomberg of the United States: 5′ 8″

9. Mark Zuckerberg of the United States: 5′ 7″

10. Jeff Bezos of the United States: 5′ 7″

The only correlation that I can see is that if you are a tall guy named Larry, you have got some cash. I wish I could say that the taller you are the wealthier you are but I can’t. What I can say is Sir Larry Ellison takes the cake as the tallest recorded billionaire. Larry is one of the founders of Oracle Corporation and is the fourth wealthiest person on the in the United States and the seventh wealthiest planet.

There you have it folks, billionaires and their heights!