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If you are a tall person you just don’t understand. Being a short person in a crowd is like being too short for a ride at a theme park, you can picture what everyone else is doing but you aren’t actually experiencing it. Concerts, sporting events, and other crowded places is a short persons worst nightmare. If they can’t get to the front to see they might as well have just stayed home.

Dominic Wilcox is the inventor of the first periscope glasses specifically designed to see over tall people. He got the idea after watching a short woman scramble between people just trying to get a glance at what was happening on stage. He knew that there had to be a solution, so he got to work and created a pair of glasses that uses two alternative pieces of glass that allows the user to take there vision two feet taller than normal.

What do you think, is this hot or not? Do you see this being the next big thing or will this just be a gag gift for your one short friend? If this trend catches on tall people will start having to use them to just to see past whoever is wearing them in front of you.