So, you finally did it. You noticed that we at TallSlim Tees make shirts that fit you, the tall lanky fella. You saw the light, put your faith in us, and weren’t disappointed.

We couldn’t be more grateful!

But now you’re left with a whole different problem: What do you do with all those shirts that don’t fit? Here’s a few ideas for you…

1) Use Them As All-Purpose Rags

One of the most useful things you can have in your life is a handy, all-purpose rag. Working on your car and gotta come in for dinner? Rag. Need to wipe up a workbench spill? Rag. Need to incite a political revolution? Bottle of alcohol, a lighter, and — you guessed it — a rag to stuff into the bottle and light.

2) Bedspread

If you have some time on your hands and have some craftastic skills, (or a crafty wife or girlfriend) try your hand at making a T-shirt bedspread. You can celebrate all the memories you and your shirts had together as you drift off into dreamland, wearing your much more comfortable shirt.

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3) Make A Toy For Your Dog

Yeah, that’s right. You can take old, stained shirts and turn them into chew toys for your best friend. The difficulty scale is a little high on this one, but don’t worry – this lady breaks the whole thing down for you:

4) Light Them On Fire

Is this a useful solution? No, but any excuse to create fire, right? Plus, walking away from the fire is always a great way to look awesome (though please return to put it out).

5) Create Some Makeshift Bibs For Your Kid (Or Yourself?)

Why pay for something that’s going to take that kind of thankless abuse? The smart call might be just to use those shirts that don’t fit anymore.

6) Donate It To Goodwill

OK, here’s a more practical option: If you have shirts don’t fit — but are nice — then let an average-height person enjoy them. They’ll be thankful, and who knows, they might look better in them than you ever did.

7) Make a Tote Bag

This makes for great grocery bags, library book bags for the kids, or just some random bags to keep on hand. Get the tutorial here.

8) Make a Braided T-Shirt Rug

This one takes a few shirts and a lot of time but with the right kind of determination, you can make something to impress all of your guests!