If you are tall, you may wish you lived on planet Irk, home of the Irken Empire from Invader Zim. Over on Irk, you could be regarded as one of the best Irken and chosen to lead the race as one of the Almighty Tallest. After all, whoever is the tallest Irken becomes the Almighty Tallest and is given almost absolute power. The only thing more powerful would be the Control Brains.

Of course, then you might have to deal with the likes of Zim. His eagerness to please the Empire but lack of success has led to many headaches for the current Tallest, Purple and Red. There are several examples of Zim foiling the plans of the Tallest. One such example is when Tak shows up on Earth with a plan that the Tallest seem to appreciate, but Zim stops her so that he may be the one to conquer Earth instead. Another is just simply the fact that Zim was killed in the training process on Hobo 13. That darn Zim!

If you were one of the known previous Tallest, Miyuki or Spork, then Zim would’ve been a bigger problem as he would have caused your demise as we learn in the reading of the unproduced episode “The Trial” at InvaderCon 2: DoomCon back in 2011. Also, you might have to undergo a ceremony that removes your thumb. That may not be necessary though as Purple and Red seem to just hide their thumbs in their gauntlets instead of having them amputated.