It seems as though there is a divide between world sports. Some sports are considered “tall people” sports and some are considered “short people” sports. I understand that height can make a big difference in sports where how tall you are is an advantage. It seems like the general consensus is that soccer is considered a “short person” sport. I would think it might be because quickness is an advantage and a lot of the time short people are quicker.

There is, however, one position in soccer where height is a huge advantage: goalkeeper. Being tall and having long arms goes a long way. Size intimidates the attacking players, makes the goal smaller, and decreases the likelihood of getting scored on from above.

Kristof van Hout is a Belgian soccer player who is known to be the tallest professional goalkeeper on the planet. He stands at 6 feet 10 inches. He currently plays for Westerlo and reps the jersey number one. He started his career young and took his natural born gift and created a talent out of it as well. He first signed to play professionally at a very young age. If you are tall and athletic, maybe playing soccer instead of basketball will be right up your ally.