What’s tall when it’s young but short when it is old? Great question right? There aren’t too many things that can be described by this curious riddle. It is true that as you get older you do shrink a little but it doesn’t make you shrink enough to be deemed short.

Today we have put our brains to work and came up with a list of things that answers this legendary riddle. So…Here is a list of things that are tall when young but short when old:

1. Pencils
2. Chalk
3. Comets
4. Candles
5. Cigarets and Cigars
6. Mountain/hill. The process is called “denudation”, under which mountains/hills lose their height as those become older, due to natural agents such as the wind, the rain etcetera.
7. Sound. When a sound is made the sound waves are high and as they fade away they get smaller and smaller.
8. Welts. When you get flicked by your brother your skin will raise and go away afterward.
9. Eraser
10. A glass of water
11. Shadows
12. Human Imagination
13. Benjamin Button
14. Snowman

Tall people love telling tall riddles. Feel free to add this riddle to your tall collection of tall riddles to stump your short friends. What other fun tall related riddles have you heard, let us know!