Thanks to a Youtube channel for construction called The B1M, we’ve learned a new term here at TallSlim Tees. You know how celebrities and athletes are all seemingly obsessed with listing incorrect heights for themselves? Kevin Durant and The Rock are two highly notable examples. Well it turns out skyscrapers do the same thing by including something called “vanity height” in their official listings.

Just what is vanity height and how does it impact the worldwide rankings of the tallest buildings? The B1M video does a fantastic job of breaking it down for you.

Not only has this video opened our eyes to the vanity height concept, but if you listen closely in the video you’ll hear something else being mentioned…the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. Yes, it’s a thing. There actually is an entire organization dedicated to tall buildings. And it does make sense when you think about it, we just never knew such an amazing council existed.

Now if we could get them to organize similar things for tall animals, tall people or tall natural wonders…then we’d really be in business.

At any rate, it’s funny to think about architects and engineers figuring out ways to literally top one another and inventing vanity height to do it. It’s such a huge problem that the Council on Tall Buildings has a rule that vanity height cannot account for more than 50% of a building’s height. That’s crazy.

We’ve heard of listing your height with shoes on or some kids trying to stand on their tip toes…but this would be the equivalent of listing your height while standing on a stool and wearing a top hat. Our fellow tall friends…just stand tall and own your height. You don’t need a vanity height!