For our world traveling tall friends out there, ever wonder what countries have residents that can match your long stride? Or have you wondered which countries you will need to be prepared to duck when going through doorways? We have answers for you!

Rounding up the top 5 tallest countries along with the average male height of their population is as follows:

1 – Netherlands: 6’.05″

2 – Montenegro: 6’

3 – Denmark: 6’

4 – Norway: 5’ 11.75″

5 – Serbia: 5’ 11.5″

For those who are from these countries, they are likely nodding their heads in agreement. For those who are tall and have never been to these countries, who knows, maybe you have ancestry from these parts of the world.

It should also be noted that the people who live in Southwest Ethiopia as well as South Sudan in regions near the Nile Valley, known as the Nilotic people, are considered to be some of the tallest people in the world. The average male height is around 6ft. 3in. However, Ethiopia and Sudan were not listed as countries surveyed at the website, where we got our data.

Now for the shortest countries in the world along with the average male height of their population:

1 – Indonesia: 5’ 2.25″

2 – Bolivia: 5’ 3″

3 – Philippines: 5’ 3.75″

4 – Vietnam: 5’ 3.75″

5 – Cambodia: 5’ 4″

Happy traveling friends, where ever you choose to go!