You may have heard about a new competitor of ours called American Tall. We sure did. Naturally I went ahead and ordered some of their stuff to compare with ours. According to their size charts the Large size was made for me. I also wear a size Large in TallSlim Tees, so that makes the comparison easier.

First off, I really like the dress shirt. Good proportions, good fabric, all around good shirt. Our dress shirts are on their way and to be honest are within 1cm on almost every measurement, so I know ours will be great as well. American Tall only offers patterns and ours will be solid colors, so customers win!

Now, the t-shirts. Let’s just say the comparison isn’t much of a comparison. I am 6’6″ and 210 lbs. My chest is about 42″ and I’m fairly balanced between torso and leg length. Check out the image below for a visual comparison.

American Tall is on the left and TallSlim Tees is on the right. Keep in mind, I had not yet washed the American Tall shirts which are 95% cotton, so they ended up smaller than what you see here. I’ll just point out a few things to contrast.

1. Sleeves

In the short sleeve shirt, you can see their sleeves are not very long, and they angle up rather than draping flat. It’s a great way to show off the guns I don’t have and make me look even taller. On the long sleeve shirts you can see their sleeves are tighter than ours. Also not shown is the double seam they have running up the sleeve which makes it feel stiffer to me.

2. Length

It’s pretty obvious from these photos that my already washed TallSlim Tees are longer than my not yet washed American Tall shirts which ended up shrinking after a wash. I’ll mention that I got their tall option and not the extra tall option, so if you get a t-shirt from them, get extra tall if you want good length.

3. Width

You can see both TallSlim Tees drape well on me. The American Tall shirts were tighter and less comfortable. This is true across the chest, the waist and the hips. I can see guys much thinner than me liking this, but I have a little bit of substance in my upper body (ie: fat) and the slimmer, tighter fit was not flattering at all. If you are really skinny you might appreciate this type of fit, but it wasn’t good on me.

4. Shoulders

It didn’t feel like American Tall put enough width across the shoulders. They kept bunching up on me a bit which caused the collar to feel a bit bunched up at times too. You can see that neither shirt laid very flat across my shoulders where the TallSlim Tees lay nice and flat and stay comfortable on my shoulders and neck.

5. Price

Not shown here, but our shirts are $20. Their shirts are $35. The dress shirt was $65 and they even had one for $130.

6. Colors

Also not shown here, but American Tall had the choice of black or white. That was it. TallSlim Tees come in about a dozen colors.

So, taking all things into consideration, my very subjective and overtly biased conclusion is that TallSlim Tees rule. American Tall makes a good (expensive) dress shirt, so if that’s what you need, by all means check them out.

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