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We’re back with another edition of Tall of Fame Monthly – this time to honor former L.A. Laker and All Star Andrew Bynum. Bynum stands at a lofty 7 feet tall and 285 pounds, making him a force to be reckoned with down in the paint.

NBA Skills

Drafted in the NBA first round right out of high school, Bynum played for the Los Angeles Lakers for seven seasons, and won two NBA championships in the purple and gold. At 7 feet tall, Bynum was a very successful player and center who specialized in blocks and defense. Although he was a decent offensive player with lot of dunk potential, his coaches quickly recognized his special talent on the defensive side of the court and asked him to focus on blocks and rebounds. He broke several records for blocks and rebounds in his time with the Lakers, and it made him a formidable center.

Wear and Tear

Unfortunately, tall people often experience more wear and tear on the joints, especially at the professional physical level of the NBA. It’s even been found that tall players miss more games than shorter players, and that was the case for Bynum. He experienced serious and persistent knee injuries throughout his career, including bruising, strains, and arthritis. Bynum dealt with pain and swelling that caused him to miss games and even large portions of seasons. He moved from the Lakers to the 76ers, then to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and finally landed with the Indiana Pacers.

Several surgeries later Bynum found himself too injured and inflamed to continue playing with his degenerating knees. His last few seasons were short-lived with lots of time off due to injury, and his eventual retirement in 2014. He’s not alone – NBA players taller than seven feet often find themselves with career-ending injuries. Being big means more wear and tear on your body, especially knees and fragile joints.

Tall Style

We may not be able to help you with the physical challenges that come with being seven feet tall. You’ll probably always have to take it easy on those joints and work to keep your body strong and healthy. But we can help you keep your body in comfortable and well-fitting style. Bynum may have a hard time finding tees long enough for his frame that aren’t much too wide, but you don’t have to. Our tees are designed for the tallest among us, and can cover your torso without the poncho effect. They’re great for reaching up to block shots or just hanging around town with your team.