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It seems like every movie has a stereotypical short guy that always seems to be angry. It seems like in this case Hollywood isn’t just blowing smoke, a new study shows that short people are angrier than tall people.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention performed a study where they took over six-hundred men and quizzed them on self-image and behaviors. They found that men naturally feel more masculine while feeling angry. Showing any type of sadness or other emotions is considered not to be manly. Which makes men feel that they need to show anger in order to be a “man”.

On top of all that, men are more likely to show anger whenever they feel less masculine than the other males around them. This is most often caused by height and physical structure. Oxford calls this “short man syndrome”. They also say that the height of a man directly coexists to their feelings of paranormal and vulnerability.

This is why tall people are less-angry than short people. We do not often feel lesser than those around us because of our natural stature. Who would have thought? Just by being a little taller than those around us it automatically makes us happier.