It seems like every single day data scientists come out with a new study that changes the way we look at our lives. In this study, they have seen a correlation in happiness and marriage when the husband is tall and the wife is short.

This is a surprising study because in my relationship my wife is a significant amount shorter than I am and moving the driver’s seat in the car every time I use it doesn’t make me happier. However, I do know that she has always loved tall guys because she feels safer around them. This study supports her thoughts. It says that women find taller men more attractive because they usually have higher incomes and are naturally more confident. This desire to marry taller men isn’t anything new. It actually dates back for thousands of years. Larger men were considered better hunters and in turn, provide better for their families.

I want to clarify that to have a happy marriage you don’t have to marry a short girl. This study is just showing a small correlation in the differentiation of height creates slightly happier relationships. Don’t go out looking for short ladies solely based on this new finding. Love is a complicated thing that has many factors.