Tall with short feet isn’t a common genetic occurrence in men but it sure does happen. For instance, I am by far the tallest of all my friends. However, we all have the exact same shoe size. I don’t know how it happened but all five of us can wear each other’s shoes. We all grew up playing on the same soccer team and we would switch cleats around. Not both cleats just one so we would be mismatching. Still, to this day I can steal their shoes and wear them around.

Genetic make-up is full of mysteries, every single person on the planet is different in their own way. I would say everyone’s feet are just as different. The reason many people believe that tall people can’t have small feet is that they normally don’t. Bigger people most often than not will have bigger appendages and other things.

In some countries, feet are a big deal. Women are considered more attractive if they have small feet and for taller women, this is not an easy task. In order to keep their feet from growing, they wrap them in tight bandages. Some tall people are born with small feet and others have to go to extreme lengths to get them.