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During this joyous women’s world cup season, I feel like it is of the utmost importance that we discuss Alex Morgan. She is the leading scorer for the United States National Women’s Soccer Team and is a social icon for millions on Instagram.

She was born on July 2, 1989, and has since become an olympic gold medalist and an American Hero for America during every world cup. She graduated from the University of California and made her first professional appearance playing for the New York Flask. She also hold a place as one of two women who scored over 20 goals and had over 20 assists in the same year.

Although she appears to be quite beastly on the field she isn’t as tall as she seems. She stands a little over five-foot-seven, which compared to some of her competitors really isn’t tall at all. However, that hasn’t appeared to stop her yet.

From her success on the field, she has also been ranked by Time Magazine as one of the top paid females athletes in the world. Not only is she an athlete, but has also ended up acting. Her first film was called, Alex and Me, where she played a fictionalized character of herself.

Let’s wish our women’s team the best of luck in the following matches!