We have all seen up. Sometimes you are standing on some structure that seems too tall to not have a guardrail, and sometimes you are on something to short and wonder why does this thing even have a guardrail.

Today we are going to get to the bottom of this ancient mystery. How tall does something have to be to require a guardrail? According to OSHA’s guidlines, any structure that is thirty inches above grade is required to have guardrails that are at least thirty-six inches tall.

If we take a step back, that means that if you have a thirty-inch drop you need guardrails that are taller than the actual drop. Not only do you need the rail to be a specific height, but you are also required to have a rail going horizontally over the top of the rail for added safety.

I wouldn’t want to be the guy whose full-time job is measuring curbs and writing tickets for improper railing procedures. That would get old pretty quick. Make sure that your next projects meet the mandates to avoid any unwanted fines or injuries. It is always better to be safe than sorry.