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If you shop here at TallSlim Tees, you have to be tall. But are you as tall as Sultan Kosen who is 8 feet and 3 inches? He is currently regarded as the tallest man in the world. What could make him seem taller than he already is, though? Taking photos of him next to the world’s shortest woman. Jyoti Amge, from American Horror Story, measures in just over 2 feet tall and is 24 years old. Kosen is 35 years old. The pair got together for a photo shoot at the start of 2018 and the size difference is crazy.

The Egyptian tourism promotion board was the brain behind the photo shoot and had Kosen and Amge meet in Egypt for the pictures. I’ve seen a lot of pictures that make celebrities look like giants or dwarves, but this photo shoot was something else. To have such a stark contrast in height is breathtaking.

Via: ViralThread