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Howdy everybody! Happy Memorial Day from Tallslimtees! We hope you are all out eating good food and spending time with good people on this fine day.

To celebrate this American Holiday we went out and found the Tallest American Flag in the United States! Standing four-hundred feet off the ground in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When the Acuity Insurance company decided to build a new building they wanted to do something special. So they starting engineering a flag pool to hoist our countries flag that can be seen from miles away.

They did just that, they built a flag pole using concrete and steel that weighs over 400,000 pounds in entirety. They have two sizes of flags that are interchanged between depending on the weather conditions and each start on the flag is three feet high. It took approximately five-hundred gallons of paint to cover the poll and is engineered to withstand the harshest of temperatures. The monument also has the local names of all those who lost their lives during active duty.

We hope you all have an awesome memorial day, and we want to thank our first responders.