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The Holiday Season is upon us and we are here to help you find that perfect gift for the tall men in your life. Here are a few ideas to make your holiday shopping a bit easier.

  1. First and foremost, get that tall man in your life a shirt that actually fits, so we are going to recommend a tall, slim T-shirt from TallSlim Tees. If your tall man isn’t one for T-shirts, we also carry polo shirts, hoodies, and athletic shirts. (
  2. Did you know that the taller you the more likely you are to suffer from back pain? ( How about an appointment for a nice back massage? Your tall man will thank you. Or you can get him a seat cushion back massager to relieve his back after a long day. (Click here for link)
  3. Extra Long Neckties. Help your tall man avoid the fashion faux pas of too short of a tie. The Long Tie Store is here to help. (link: Their ties come in two sizes, the XL in 63’’ and the XXL in 70’’. also carries their ties (Click here for link)
  4. A Shower Head Extension. Any tall person can tell you what a pain it is to have to bend over or lean uncomfortably to just wash their hair in the shower. A whole bathroom remodel isn’t necessary. A shower head extension will do the trick and make your tall man’s showering experience much more enjoyable. Try this option: (Click here for link)  or if you have both tall and shorter individuals sharing the same bathroom, this option will make everyone happy: (Click here for link) or you can get a shower head with an adjustable arm (Click here for link)
  5. Traveling is a bit of a pain for everyone, but especially for your tall friends. Unless you can afford a business class ticket for your tall man, there isn’t much that can be done about the legroom situation. However, tall neck pillow will help your tall man get some rest on a long flight (Click here for link)  or how about a luggage handle extension, so your tall man can pull his luggage through the airport with ease. (Click here for link)
  6. Sitting in an office chair all day can increase aches and pains, especially if your chair doesn’t fit. The BodyBilt company has chairs made especially for tall people. It is a pricey gift, but worth it if most of your tall man’s day is spent sitting at a desk. (Click here for link)
  7. Does your tall man love the great outdoors? There are a few options for our outdoorsy tall men to enjoy trekking in the woods or sleeping under the stars even more. Extra tall hiking poles are great for a hike up a mountain (Click here for link) or how about an extra-long sleeping bag so his feet don’t have to hang out of his sleeping bag and freeze at night. (Click here for link)
  8. Furniture lifts. Does your tall man have a couch or table that is uncomfortably low for him? Furniture lifts are a much cheaper fix to this problem instead having to buy a whole new piece of furniture. (Click here for link) or (Click here for link)
  9. Is your tall man a golfer? Extra-long golf clubs might just be the trick to help him up his golfing game. Click here for link
  10. For a gift to make him laugh, how about one of these mugs that pokes fun at the fact that yes, he’s tall and yes, he knows it. Click here for link or Click here for link
  11. The thing about being tall, it isn’t just that you have long legs or long arms, but all of your appendages are long, including your fingers. TallFingers carry gloves for those with long fingers, so get your tall guy gloves that actually fit. (