UPDATED APRIL 2017: We regret to announce that TallSlim Tees t-shirts are no longer available on Amazon.

Now you can still see them listed on Amazon even though we spent months trying to remove the listing. These are all 100% fake sellers offering 100% fake products. No one on Amazon has TallSlim Tees. No one.

If you contact us because you bought what you thought were TallSlim Tees on Amazon, there is nothing we can do for you. We do not authorize Amazon to be have a listing with our trademarked brand name, but they refuse to cooperate with us.

Buyer beware- you cannot find authentic TallSlim Tees on Amazon. They are exclusively available on our website and nowhere else.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We do not understand why Amazon allows fake sellers on their platform or why Amazon allows them to offer products they do not have and are not authorized to sell. If you have a problem with that like we do, please be sure to contact Amazon directly with your concerns.

Rest assured, we still allow you to check out on our website using your Amazon account. But make sure you only order direct from us here at TallSlimTees.com.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

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