So Halloween is coming up and you want to nail it this year with a really clever costume that plays to your unique appearance. We don’t blame you. But as a tall thin man, what are your options? What tall slim male characters are there? How can you use your blessed height and slender frame to your advantage?

These are all good questions, which is why here at TallSlim Tees we’ve got you covered as usual. This is our comprehensive guide to the best Halloween costume ideas ever for guys who are tall and slim. Browse these fun Halloween costume ideas for inspiration on what you can dress up as this year!


If spooky is what you’re going for, look no further than Slenderman. The subject of a viral meme now turned into a movie, Slenderman is basically nightmare fuel. And of course, his stature is part of his name, so as a tall slender man, you really can’t go wrong here. Tentacle things are optional. You just need a suit, skeleton gloves with long fingers and one of those full body suits to wear underneath that covers your face. Let your height and build complete the look all on its own.


Brother and sidekick to the world’s most famous plumber, Luigi is recognizable and fun. Your local Halloween store also generally has this costume on hand if you feel like picking one up. Don’t expect it to fit well though. You may have to make some of your own stuff to make this work, but one of our long sleeve shirts in green is a good start. Bonus points if you have a friend or significant other who isn’t so tall or slim that can be your Mario.


For anyone unfamiliar with the Nintendo world of characters, Waluigi is the arch-rival of Luigi. Wario is the arch-rival of Mario. So if you want to wear overalls and Luigi is too fun, make it a little darker and mischievous and go as Waluigi instead.


Gumby is near and dear to me. This was my first favorite show as a kid, and my first watch was a Gumby watch. But there’s no way around it…this is a hard costume to do. You either have to buy a Gumby costume that probably won’t fit very well or make it yourself. You’re sure to turn heads and get lots of smiles as the original tall skinny claymation character who made teal cool.

Human Totem Pole

There’s a legendary scene from Little Rascals where the boys throw on a trench coat and fake beard while sitting on the shoulders of other boys. It’s been done plenty of times before and after. There was even a couple guys who tried this move for reals to get into a movie. It’s pretty easy to manage as all you really need is a trench coat and a fake beard to pull it off.


Waldo is an easy costume to find and pull off. He’s been around forever and is an iconic tall slim man. If you’re either lazy or somewhat of a procrastinator and need to pull something off today, this shouldn’t be too hard to throw together. Everyone loves Waldo.


If we’re being honest, Sagat was the tall one from the iconic Street Fighter video game. But Dhalsim was super skinny and had the ability to stretch his limbs for miles, so with that trait alone he belongs on the list. You’ll only want to try this one out if you live in warmer climates as being topless all night could work against you in the cold.


If you don’t know who Blanko is, you need to go watch Space Jam pronto. Blanko is one of the “Monstars” who steals the basketball talents of a real life player. That real life player in the movie happens to be Shawn Bradley, a guy who stands 7’6″ tall. I guess you could throw on a Shawn Bradley jersey from his NBA days and go as him, but it would be a lot more fun to go as his monster counterpart.

Jack Skellington

There’s few characters taller and skinnier than the Pumpkin King from The Nightmare Before Christmas. He’s recognizable and been around a while, so this costume does have potential to get overdone. However you can mix it up by being Jack in his Santa costume from the movie to really throw people for a loop.

Short Guy On Stilts

This is one of the more clever costume ideas we’ve seen and it wouldn’t be too hard to put together. Nothing will call attention to your height more than…calling attention to your height. This is pretty versatile too as you don’t have to be all that skinny to make it work, although it helps if you have long skinny legs that could pass as stilts.

Man In The Yellow Hat

My kids always call this guy Curious George’s dad. Whatever you call him, he’s a famous character that’s tall and thin, so if you really like the color yellow, jump in to this one.

Inflatable Air Tube Dancer

This is a legit costume you can buy, complete with pump and everything. You always sure to turn heads when you have an inflatable costume, but we can’t vouch for the fit or comfort of these things. However you can get clever and wear a sign that says “Mattress Sale” as that’s how these guys most often find employment.

Jolly Green Giant

In the tall community we simply refer to this costume as the old stand by. It’s basically the default when you just can’t think of anything else. Dress up in all green and you’re good to go. If you want to make a leaf toga you certainly can, but for ease and recognition, this is a very popular pick.


Another good pick for ease and recognition is Shaggy from Scooby Doo. You won’t generally have to explain your costume, especially if you carry a stuffed animal Scooby Doo around with you. Of course, if you actually DO own a great dane then you pretty much better start shopping for the bell bottoms now because do you really have a choice?


Admittedly this isn’t exclusively for skinny guys as any tall guy could pull this off. But Bigfoot is an infamously tall creature, so anyone with the height can take this one on. The only challenge is finding a costume that will actually fit you.


If tall, famous, hairy creatures are in the lineup, you can’t pass up everyone’s favorite Wookie. Much like the sasquatch, you probably don’t have to be skinny to make this work, but also like the sasquatch, finding a costume that fits might be a bit of a challenge depending on just how tall you are.


This will gain in popularity as Avatar movie sequels are released. But you would still be recognizable as one of these blue giants. This is another warm weather one as you don’t get to wear much. You also have to be committed as the time you need to dedicate to painting your entire body blue is no trivial thing.


Groot is definitely one of the harder costumes to create. It takes a combination of mask, outfit, makeup and possibly more. Obviously it’s hard to transform yourself into a sentient tree, even if you are already the height of a tree. But Groot is a crowd pleaser for sure.

Abraham Lincoln

The original American to make tall and slim fashionable…how could you go wrong? You really only need a suit and top hat. Grow your facial hair all month so you can get it just right by the time Halloween rolls around and you’re good to go.


You might not score any points for originality, but giraffe print is an excellent way to stand out. Towering over a crowd already gets you noticed, but be the tall giraffe in the room and you’re likely to get people wanting to take photos with you.


In Hollywood’s current stint of unoriginality where every movie is a sequel, prequel, adaptation or reboot, you’re in luck…the Addam’s Family is seeing a bit of a revival with the new movie. Lurch has always been a popular pick in the tall crowd, but he works even better if you have a short bald friend for Uncle Fester to go with you.

Doug Jones Bonus Ideas

Who is Doug Jones? He only happens to be a 6’4″ actor who comes in at less than 150 lbs. If you want tall and skinny, this guy is it. You’ve probably seen him before and just never knew it- he’s actually the premier creature actor of Hollywood. He’s had a very long career, and we can safely say that any creature he has ever played would obviously be quite tall and very skinny. So here’s a collection of as many Doug Jones roles as we could find to give you some really clever and original ideas! To see a complete list of his characters and roles, check out his IMDB page.

Mac Tonight

If you were born after 1982 you probably don’t remember this guy, but he was all the rage at McDonald’s for a time. Mac Tonight was a dude in a suit with a giant moon for a head who played the piano. His Happy Meal toy was highly coveted in my group of friends growing up. And the man underneath it all was none other than Doug Jones.

Billy Butcherson

If you’ve seen Hocus Pocus (and who hasn’t) then you’re familiar with this character. You start off thinking he’s bad, but ultimately he’s good. So if you’re undecided on your persona this Halloween, Billy could be an excellent choice. Plus his mask is easy to find.


Star Trek fans rejoice! Saru is a well known character on Star Trek: Discovery. Unfortunately this one will require some next level skill to pull off as it doesn’t appear to be a mask you can buy quite yet. But if you have a Hollywood make up artist next door, finding the Star Trek suit should complete this one.

Amphibian Man

The Shape Of Water was an Academy Award winning movie that won Best Picture and Best Director. It was also nominated for Best Costume Design, so Amphibian Man is definitely legit. Sadly this one might be out of reach for most as only the mask is to be found online. I don’t want to think about what you might have to wear or do to your body to get this look right.

Pale Man

Pale Man is a creature from the movie Pan’s Labyrinth. The good news is you can find the mask and gloves online, because figuring out how to embed eyes in your hands might have been a deal breaker. This one is pretty terrifying and quite fitting for Halloween if you’re looking to go the spooky route.

Abe Sapien

Abe Sapien is a character from the first Hellboy movies, not the more recent reboot. Again, this mask is available online, so while you’ll probably have to explain to a lot of people who/what you are, at least that makes this a conversation starter.

Silver Surfer

Remember that Fantastic Four movie, Rise of the Silver Surfer? It’s pretty obvious that a lot of computer animation goes into the Silver Surfer. And it’s definitely not the voice of Doug Jones. But the actor under all that was our tall skinny friend. This is an easy one to pull off too, as you only need a full body spandex suit and surf board.

Gentleman Ghoul

This one is next level creep I’d say- a perfect look for Halloween. This character comes from the episode “Hush” of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and is the only episode to ever be nominated for an Emmy. Jones is a ghoul gentleman who, with his friends, steals the voices of people so they can’t scream when their hearts are cut out.


Ok, so this might be a little bit of news to some of you. The original “Nosferatu” movie is nearly 100 years old or something. That wasn’t Doug Jones. But there’s a remake coming! It’s in filming now and should be amazing. Doug Jones plays Count Orlock in this remake, which more or less is an adaptation of Dracula. So pick up your Nosferatu vampire mask and have a bloody good time.

Are We Missing Anything

Have some ideas or suggestions we should add to our list? Let us know so we can add a few more! Feel like you really nailed your Halloween costume? Send us photos and we’ll post them here to help inspire your fellow tall slim men!