If we decided to cut open a tall guy, and then cut open a small guy, would their organs be the same size? Let us find out!

Height and weight are very good predictors of organs size, however, age and sex play an even bigger role. It is not rocket science to know that the older you get the larger you get. Puberty is a crazy thing that makes us grow crazy fast, and when it’s done we pretty much start shrinking. As you grow, your organs, bones, skin, and everything else grow with it. Your gender also plays a large role, males have larger organs than females. This is for many reasons but a large factor is that they have to have room for procreative reasons. A great example of this fact is the lung capacity of males versus females. Generally speaking, men have over twenty percent more lung capacity than females.

These factors point to the conclusion that Tall people have larger organs than short people. If you are a tall male, you most likely have the largest organs around! So the next time your wife/girlfriend/mom heckles you for eating so much, just tell her “My organs are bigger than yours and it requires more food”.