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Sitka Spruce is Tall and is Invading Norway

Sitka spruce, or Picea sitchensis, can reach heights of 317 feet or 96.7 meters. It is one of the largest coniferous trees, it is the third-tallest conifer species, and is the largest spruce species. In summary, it’s a big tree. Unlike the giant sequoia, the Sitka...

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Geoffrey the Giraffe Will Still Sell Toys

In case you missed it, Toys “R” Us was going out of business and declaring bankruptcy. They then stopped the process and decided to re-brand themselves. One thing is staying constant though. Geoffrey the Giraffe will be at the head of the re-branding as it will now be...

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Giant Sequoias are Very Tall, But Endangered

The world around us is amazing. Nature has some of the most fascinating and curious things. Among these are trees. Some trees are tiny. Others are so large that they almost seem to reach space. The giant sequoia is the fifth largest tree known to man. The scientific...

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FDR Led the United States During WWII

We’re coming up on November which is when Election Day is held. While this year may not feature a presidential run, it’s still a great time to look at our nation’s leaders. We’re not going to look at the tallest Presidents of the United States. The first president...

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