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Most of our Tall of Fame posts highlight tall people that have used their height to excel in sports. Sultan Kosen was so tall that the only work he could find was being a part-time farmer. Born in Ankara, Turkey he was literally so tall that they kicked him out of school. Standing at 8 feet 3 inches tall he is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s tallest man. He also holds the world record for the man with the world’s largest hands at nearly a foot long. His nomination in the Guinness Book of World Records has given him many opportunities to travel all over the world and meet other people.

Diagnosed with a Growth Disorder

Kosen grew up with his parents and four siblings that all are of average height. His height is the direct result of a medical condition called pituitary gigantism. A tumor on his pituitary gland caused his body to overproduce growth hormones and grow extremely tall. His growth spurt started when he was ten years of age and ended when he had surgery in 2010 at the University of Virginia to halt the production of the growth hormone. They used a new gamma-knife procedure and had to use special tools to accommodate his size. This condition often leads to weak joints and Kosen walks with canes as a result.

Lofty Dreams

When asked about his dreams for the future on the Guinness book of worlds records, the tall man reported, “I want what everyone else wants. A wife, a family, a nice home. I’d also like the chance to find some decent clothes that fit! I’ve already had a suit made for me, and at least one dream has come true: I now own a pair of jeans made specially for me!”

In 2013 Kosen accomplished his dream of finding a wife. A Syrian woman, named Merve Dibo who measures 5 foot 9 inches. They met through a mutual friend and both knew rather quickly that they wanted to share their life together.

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